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Passive Infrared Detector (PI) Motion detection by an infrared sensor.
  Triggerlevel [0-100%]
Microphone (MI) Noise detection by internal microphone.
  Triggerlevel [0-100%]
Video Motion Window (VM) Motion detection by digital image analysis.
  x, y, sizex, sizey, sensitivity[0..99%], area[0..99%]
Origin: lower left corner
Signal Input (SI) This event is triggered through an external signal.
  closed (low) open (high) Signal level to trigger on.
Buttons (BT) Trigger event by pressing button(s) on front panel.
  Select button(s) to trigger on.
Timer Event (TE) This event is triggered every x seconds.
  interval [1..86400s]

Signal Out Action (SO) Switch signal output to high for 0..10 seconds.
Email Action (EM) Send image by email.
Remote Store Action (FT) Transfer image to remote host using file transfer protocol.
Local Store Action (ST) Save image to ramdisk. You can view the images saved on the camera with Event Viewer.
Backup (BU) Store ramdisk to permanent memory (every 15 minutes).
Ringbuffer Enable overwriting of images on ramdisk.
Size Total number of images on ramdisk.
Image Series Additional images to save before every event.
  Additional images to save after every event.
Interval Time interval for image series. [0..600s]
Motion Window Frame Defines the appearance of the motion window frame.

General Settings Explanation
Minimum Event Duration (D) Length of time [0..100s] that an event must last to release an action.
Invert Event (I) Select which event state initiates an action.
Action Delay Delay period between event and action[0..100s]
Event Deadtime Event timeout [0..100s] while detection is suspended.
Event Symbols Show event symbols.
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